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Silversmith Collection 

Our Silversmith Collection features pieces from ring to pendants, with cabochons and faceted stones. This collection has a wide variety  of precious stones and some semi precious stones as well. Our designers take great pride in the detail and hard work they put in, and this collection showcases it. 

Orgonite Collection

The Orgonite Collection is truly one of-a-kind. With the intricate placement of every stone, and the amount of hours it takes to make one piece, our artist is able to show the importance of the orgone generating pieces. 


Stone and Fossil Collection

Our fossils are handpicked and are ofthe highest quality. The jewelry our artists create are simply amazing. Our raw stones, points, towers figurines and other semiprecious stonework is of the highest quality.

Lyra Jewelry Collection

Our Lyra Jewelry Collection is composed of beautiful handcrafted pieces derived from locally sourced stones and woods. All pieces are created with the durability to be everyday wear. This collection has all the affordable accessories you could need. 


Motley Art Collection

This collection of pieces are far different from others that they deserved its own category. This collection focuses on changing the energy in your home. Whether that be with dainty unique jewelry stands  or masculine fireplace mantles, this collection is truly motley!

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