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Our Studio's Story 

When we opened our doors in 2022, we couldn’t even dream of what Studio Unearthed was destined to become. We started as a group of artists chaotically creating in our dinning rooms at home. In less than a year, we have grown into a full fledged business, with studio space in beautiful Hot Springs, Montana. Each of our artists tell a story of who they are in every piece they design, enabling each customer to express their personal style and vision.

We pride our artists on creating stunning designs. If you desire to purchase a new piece of jewelry, rest assured our dedicated team will go the extra mile to offer you the item you were looking for or customize one at your request. Scroll through our site to shop new must-haves today.

Our Silversmith's



Ryan is our 25 year old silversmith from Hamilton, MT. Ryan has been designing since he was 15 years old. He started with wire wrapping and electroforming. After going to school for geology he has found his favorite medium to be silver. Ryan's jeweler style varies from dainty and simple to abstract and voluminous.  



Cody is our 27 year old silversmith from Great Falls, MT.  Cody's journey into smithing originated from a love of rockhounding. He has dug and mined across most of the western United States. His ability to scout and his tenacity to find the best crystals has given him an amazing eye for creating clean and detailed pieces.  

Our Epoxy Artist



Bill is our talented orgonite artist from Seattle, WA. Bill is our founding father of Studio Unearthed. He has spend most of his life creating with every medium imaginable.  From music to woodworking and everything in-between, he has finally found working with epoxy and resin to be true muse. 

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